Happy hump day everyone! Brady had his 3rd chemo treatment today. It was outpatient treatment so Brian took him as I was at work. Brady does not like the needle going into the port and screams like someone’s cutting his arm off but he will get used to it. The area has numbing cream on it so he can’t really feel anything but some pressure. Not that’s it’s funny but the freak out is pretty comical.

So we did get some good news today. Dr. Maher has consulted with a rhabdomyosarcoma expert at mayo and they have agreed not to give Brady the more aggressive and toxic chemotherapy so we will stay with our current treatment plan at least for now. 

Second piece of good news was that Dr. Maher felt his neck and didn’t feel the tumor! Maybe that’s a good sign. We don’t know and won’t know for sure until the rescan him but that won’t be until around his 9th week of treatment. 

Brady’s next round of chemo was supposed to be next Wednesday which would have required hospital admittance on Wednesday and a stay until probably Monday. However, Dr. Maher has decided to hold off on that treatment until Monday, April 1 (April Fools Day) and is letting us do the 5 day treatment as outpatient instead of being admitted!! He wants to see how Brady will tolerate the treatment as outpatient. Our concern is that one of the drugs can cause severe diarrhea which can lead to dehydration but we will just have to monitor him pretty close. Same with fevers. His ANC levels are at 1100, they were at 46 last week so it’s a good thing. It means that he is less susceptible to infection and illness the higher that number goes!

Dr. Maher has also been in contact with the radiation department at Mayo since we are only 8 weeks away from that trip. They have contacted Sanford for Brady’s records and our insurance information so hopefully we will hear from them soon! We know we will for sure be going there for 6 weeks. He will be recieving radiation Monday thru Friday and will have some chemo treatments while we are there as well. A lot of logistics will go into that 6 weeks for things back home and work and everything else. 

Thank you to everyone that has reached out with their prayers and support. Thank to everyone that has offered meals, brought meals, taken care of Hannah and taken care of our house. I can’t tell you how much we appreciate everything, every offer, and all the love!!! I’m pretty sure I’ve cried more this week than I have since the day we found out he had cancer!!! I will post more when I know more. For now, we have a “normal” acting 3 year old who knows manipulation at its finest! Please keep those prayers coming!