April 16, 2019

Journal entry by jaime gries — Apr 16, 2019 Hey all! Jaime here. Mr. Man had a round of chemo today. Best part is that he was zonked out when we got there so I’m ever so gingerly trying to get his sweatshirt off when his eyes popped open, he looked around, and says, “where’s the iPad?” He’s a character. Dr. Maher says he looks great and is happy with his current progress! He still doesn’t like the needle going into the port but hopefully he will adjust! All for now. Keep those prayers coming. And there is a benefit for him May 11 in Sioux Falls. Noon to 3 there is a beer pong tournament at Wiley’s Pub. 4:30 there is a poker tournament in the basement of McNally’s Pub and then the Nick Rallis band will be playing from 8-11 or something like that.