Brady Southwick

A true champ battling RMS.
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The diagnosis.

Brady Southwick, three year old son of Jaime and Brian, was diagnosed with Stage 4, Group 4, Alveolar Rhabdomyosarcoma Friday, March 1st. This rare and aggressive form of soft tissue cancer occurs primarily in children.

His primary tumor spot is located in his left jaw line or the doctors refers to it as parameningeal. It has metastasized to his left lung, upper pubic area, and the bone marrow on the left side. The metastasized areas are small and there was only a trace found in his bone marrow.  However, still concerning as the type of cancer is very aggressive.


weeks of treatment

Weeks of chemo

weeks of radiation

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The Journey

The treatment.

Treatment as it stands includes 42 weeks of chemo with 6 weeks of radiation after the initial 12 weeks of chemo. Radiation will include a 6 week stay in Rochester, MN at the Mayo clinic and this six weeks will also include chemo treatment at the same time. Radiation is done at Mayo Clinic because they offer what is called Proton Beam Radiation, which is more focused radiation than what is offered locally. After the initial 42 weeks of chemo there are approximately 28 weeks of maintenance chemo. 

Overall, the family is looking at about 70 weeks of treatment. Some additional radiation treatments may be required, but that is unknown at this time.

One day at a time.

The family is tackling this on a day to day basis and Brady is handling it like a champ! Brady is at a hiccup in his treatment road right now because his ANC levels, his level of probability of infection, are too low for him to receive chemo. He is currently at 648 where doctors would prefer an ANC of 750 or higher. If that level dips too low, Brady may have to have blood transfusion or platelet transfusions. 

Much of it is unknown and/or unexpected at this time. Brady, of course, is not a fan of needles. But let’s be honest, no 3 year-old is a fan of needles.

Currently, he is at home and is acting like a normal kid. The family is hoping to stay on this path for a while.