Good afternoon. So the last couple of days have been kind of uneventful. Brady did not get randomized into the study that we signed up for but that is ok. Didn’t change to course of treatment. Chemo started yesterday. He received 3 separate drugs totally about a hour and 15 mintues of IV time. The doctors have advised us that this round may be the worst one. Little dude was totally himself all night. He had a visit with PT Dan who got him up and moving which was awesome since he’s had a lot of iPad time. 

About 11:30 last night he started to not feel the greatest so we got a dose of Zofran. That held us for a couple of hours then we got a dose of benedryl. Who know that was good for nausea. That held us over for awhile. Then he really started get sick around 10am. Finally he received some stronger nausea meds and currently he has been sleeping for about a hour and a half. So we won’t be going home until we can get us nausea under control and he is drinking in his own since he is hooked back up to IV fluids again. Hopefully at some point this weekend we will get home. 
All for now….keep those prayers coming!!!!