Good morning! Fingers crossed tha we go home today!!! Thursday Brady pretty much slept from 11 am till the next morning. Chemo and the lack of sleep must have wiped him out. That’s ok with us! He needs to rest! 
Yesterday was pretty uneventful but we did have a lot of visitors which made it fun! He is still hooked up to an IV and will be until he proves that he can drink a good solid amount on his own. Progress has been made but I’ll get to that later. 

We did find out there is the presence of cancer cells in his bone marrow but that will not change his course of treatment. We will have another MRI, PET scan, and bone marrow test after 9 weeks of chemo to see how he is responding.

I can tell that we are starting to feel a little bit better. Last night he was up till 1130 eating Mac and cheese and drinking chocolate milk. Then we were up again at 330 for a bloody nose but he decided that 2 bowls of Mac and cheese were necessary and more chocolate milk. And before anyone judges, the diet he has doesn’t matter, Drs want him to just have calories. He just now ate a bunch of pancakes. So…..with that said, fingers crossed that we will get to pack up and head home today. More to come and thanks to everyone who has checked in on us and helped us out this past week!