Our journey started probably a month ago. Brian and I noticed a lump on the side of Brady’s neck. Took him to the Dr. And received antibiotics, thinking that maybe it was an infection of some sort. We took that antibiotic for 10 days and noticed the lump had not gone down but had grown. So, Brian took him back to the Dr. Tuesday, Feb. 26. From his ped appointment he was passed to the ENT. We had a CT scan that afternoon and the next morning we were at the surgical tower for a biopsy of the lump. Brady did not care for the IV in his arm. He tried to shake it out and pull it out. Thank goodness for tape!!!! So we go home and Brady pretty much stopped eating and drinking for 3 days. The place of biopsy is in his mouth back by his throat so I’m sure it was painful. We tried pain management alternating between Tylenol and Motrin every 3 hours to no avail. He refused to swallow anything including his spit. So Friday morning comes along and I’m on the phone with his ENT trying to see if we can get something stronger for the pain and that was when the bomb was dropped. The biopsy results were in and it isn’t good. Brady has rhabdomyosarcoma. He has cancer. My sweet little boy has cancer! It is a rare and aggressive form of soft tissue cancer, common in young children and more common in boys than girls. Holy crap!! What do I do?? Every parents worse nightmare right? The ENT says they will give him stronger drugs for the pain. Calls it in and then tells me that there is a pediatric oncologist that is reviewing his case and we should hear from them Monday or Tuesday. I’m thinking, nope we need to get it now. I call Brian and he comes home. In the meantime Brady’s pediatrician calls. He informs me that we are getting admitted that day, more so due to Brady’s lack of intake for fluids and food. So we pack a bag and off we go and here we are.

Friday afternoon at 230 Brady gets his IV put in. Now I’m pretty sure the whole floor knows that the boy does not like needles. Haha. I couldn’t go in the room with him but Brian did. I heard him screaming behind the closed doors and a hallway in between. After all he is 3. 

So basically for the last 2 days he’s been getting full of fluids, Tylenol, and some morphine. It’s pretty comical seeing a 3 yo doped up on morphine. We have to make light of it considering our situation. 

As of early this am, Sunday March 2, he has been removed of his IV fluids and is only receiving Tylenol. 

Tomorrow and Tuesday our Dr will be running some additional tests to determine his course of treatment. Monday he will have a PET scan and MRI and Tuesday he will have a spinal tap and have his chemo port put in. When I know more I will post more. 

For now we would just appreciate all your prayers and thank our medical staff and friends and family for their support and kind words. I can’t tell you how much we appreciate and love you! Brady sends his giggles!