Today. Well nothing back from the bone marrow test. We won’t know anything around that until Friday. However, we did get news that cancer cells were not present in his spinal fluid so that’s a win in our book. Little B was a trooper today and pretty much acting like his goofy self after his bone marrow aspiration. Much better than our night last night. As far as test results go, he was diagnosed at a stage 4 group 4. The cancer was also detected in his left lung and around his pubic  bone. So not great news but doctors plan is to treat to cure. We have entered Brady into a random study as well. It would just include an additional chemo drug to his regimen. 

Chemo will also start tomorrow and go every week for at least 12 weeks. But if he handles his first dose well there is a chance that we will get to go home either Thursday or Friday! Hannah is pretty pumped about that.

So that is all I have for now. A huge thank you to everyone that has reached out with their love and support, gifts, and help with the dogs and Hannah! Keep praying as we have a long road ahead of us. Also a huge thank you to the medical staff and nursing staff at the castle! They have been so amazing though the last 5 days!